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“I am concerned because of the cases in Dallas that were contracted despite all of the protective gear.  But also there is a study that informed me that as time progresses the virus becomes less aggressive and people's immune systems can handle it better.  At the moment it is far away, but if there was a case in NY I would start taking precautions for the family.”

 Jasena, Irvington

Joe Dumas

















“I am worried about it but I'm not taking any precautions.  I don't really know what to do and the CDC hasn't been very helpful in giving us information.  I don't think they know what to do either.  I don't understand why the U.S. is letting people from “Ground Zero” into the country when Great Britain, France, Belgium, and other countries have blocked them.”

 Joe Dumas, 48, Irvington



Carmen Medina


















“I am very concerned about it!  I use hand sanitizer all the time!  Why did they not stop it sooner in Africa?”

 Carmen Medina, Tarrytown




Michele Firpo-Cappiello
















“I am concerned about it as a problem in Africa much more than in this country.  There's a focus on a few people in the U.S. when thousands have died and thousands more are at risk in Africa.  The best protection that the U.S. can give us is to solve the problem in Africa.  I have been more rigorous with my kids about hand washing but because of all viruses, not just Ebola.”

 Michele Firpo-Cappiello, 50, Irvington


Gino Occhipinti

















“Sure I worry about it.  I don't want to travel right now because you don't know what is going to happen.  If it was me I would have stopped people coming and going from West Africa.  I hope everything turns out okay.”

Gino Occhipinti, 77, Tarrytown

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Penn State University sophomore Louis Copp (a 2013 graduate of Irvington High School) and his family hosted 15 Penn State classmates at the Copp home in Irvington for an October weekend as part of an ongoing fundraising initiative to support pediatric cancer patients and their families.

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It all began on 10-speed bicycles at the George Washington Bridge in the summer of 1981, ending 74 days later at the Golden Gate Bridge. In between, 10 willful teens and two hopeful group leaders traversed America’s expanse, overcoming challenges and realizing respective and collective conquests.

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